Support Ryzom and benefit!

Why pay?

Ryzom has opened the game to the world of Free, releasing its code and becoming the only open source MMORPG, playable on Windows, Linux and Mac.

However, maintaining Ryzom does involve costs, such as compensation for the small team of employees and payment for servers. That is why, even though Ryzom is playable as Free to Play, subscriptions are vital for it to continue.

To thank the players chosing to subscribe, certain features of the game are unlocked and certain bonuses are offered to them: an opportunity to level their characters to level 250 instead of 125, doubling all experience points gained, and access to several other means of storage.

To help Ryzom, make the choice to subscribe!


Maximum level 125

Maximum level 250

Maximum quality of gear 125

Maximum quality of gear 250

One mount

  • One mount & three packers
  • One apartment
  • One guild hall

Normal XP

Double XP

  • Assistance from the Support Team
  • A change of pseudonym allowed for each character
  • Assistance from the Support Team
  • Restoration of old accounts (subscribed prior to the merge of the game servers) in order to recover the characters
  • Restoration of character(s) in case of voluntary or accidental deletion
  • Transfer of character(s) between two Premium accounts belonging to the same person
  • A change of pseudonym allowed every six months for each character


1-month subscription: €7.95 $10.95 £7.75 / month

3-months subscription: €7.50 $10.25 £6.98 / month

6-months subscription: €6.99 $9.49 £6.49 / month

1 year subscription: €6.50 $8.83 £6.00 / month